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Murrays Sno and Watersports

Carpinteria, CA US
(805) 684-8393
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About Murrays Sno and Watersports

Murrays is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of specialty hardware and accessories for
* Beach Cats: Replacement parts & Accessories
* SUP's Stand Up Paddle Boards & Paddles, Specializing in Family Recreational boards and paddles. Kona, Inflatable boards, GLS "Soft" Boards, Economical aluminum and glass paddles.
* Windsurfers & Kitesurfers: Accessories, Harnesses, Gath Helmets & Barz Sport Goggles
* Surf & Whitewater Kayakers: Gath Helmets & Barz Sport Optics
* Rescue Services: Gath Helmets & Barz Sport Optics
* Snowboarding & Snow Kiting: Gath Helmets & Barz Sport Goggles

Murrays Sno and Watersports began operations in 1969

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New Gear From Murrays Sno and Watersports This Season

Stand-Up Paddle Boards
Kona Inflatable SUP's: Inflate to 10' x 30" x 4". At about 15psi the board is rigid enough to support a 200+ paddler plus a dog or other gear on lake, river or bay. The Kona comes packed in it's own drybag which can be loaded with dry cloths or lunch or ?? and strapped to deck of the Kona SUP while paddling. When done, the Kona rolls into a cylendar 18" dia x 40" wide that packed into its carry / dry bag can be checked as standard size luggage for air travel (about 24 lbs). Kona paddle: two-piece paddle breaks down for convenient storage & travel.
TORQEEDO ULTRALIGHT Electric Motors from Germany for Kayaks. Ultimate "pimp your ride" accessory for kayak fishing, exploring etc. Complete Package includes: Motor (submersible), universal motor mount with steering & remote pull-up, remote throttle with multi-function display (battery charge, range, speed calculated w/ GPS & current input) Lithium-manganese battery, wiring and charger.

Where to Buy Murrays Sno and Watersports Online

You can also purchase Murrays Sno and Watersports directly from their website

Murrays Sno and Watersports - Their Specialties

Stand-Up Paddle Board by Kona
It's inflatable! It is ideal for use by mom & the kids. . . Dad can pack it into a remote lake. . . the family can take it on the plane. . . It is ideal for travel and small vehicle transport. The inflatable SUP holds its shape due to unique "drop stitch" construction (see illustration on website.)
Torqeedo Ultralight Electric Motor for Kayaks
There is no close comparison! This is the first and only 21st century electric motor and battery. The installation package is first quality and complete. . . it is the REAL DEAL . . . for those who care and can afford it. Examples: 1) Remote throttle with forward, reverse & neutral (off). 2) The electronics include GPS for determining speed and a mini computer calculates range and watches battery functions. 3) The motor shuts off when it determines that there must have been a capsize. It's a brave new world!

Murrays Sno and Watersports Service

Demo, Rental and School Programs available to dealers.

Murrays Sno and Watersports Products

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Snowboard Accessories
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